*Smarty Pants contest winners annouced
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Smarty Pants contest winners annouced

10:55 PM on 01.02.2008·  2 minute read   ·  Faith

The holidays are finally over, and a few Dtoid community members have some cool swag coming in the mail because they were smart enough to get drunk on egg nog, put on some ugly pants and take a picture during those festive days.

Turkey and booze make us do the strangest things sometimes, and now four Dtoiders will have ever-lasting proof of it. I asked the Dtoid community members to send me pictures of them in ugly pants, and I got some pictures of some ugly pants.

The pants weren't Vanilla Ice ugly or McHammer ugly, but still ugly enough to impress me and that's what counts.

Hit the jump for a list of the winners 



4th Place Winner: Rio McCarthy with her crazy Happy Bunny pajama pants.

3rd Place Winner: Dexter 345 with his blog worthy pants and his shiny yellow pants and vest.

2nd Place Winner: Woverine with his triple old man ugly pants combo.

Our three finalists will be receiving a copy of Smarty Pants for the Nintendo Wii, and a Smarty Pants t-shirt. 

And our Grand Prize winner is ...

Sexy Prego Pants

Lost Crichton with his wife's maternity pants entry.

Anyone willing to put old and ugly pregnant women's pants on for a contest is deserving of some free swag and a game.

Lost Crichton will be receiving a copy of Smarty Pants for the Nintendo Wii, a Smarty Pants hoodie , and a t-shirt. 

The winners will be contacted by e-mail they have on their profiles. Thanks to everyone that particapated.

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