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Skullgirls will have an Evo side tournament

12:30 PM on 02.05.2013

Patrick Hancock


Top eight will be streamed

As a way of saying thanks for raising over $78,000 in the Evo charity drive for breast cancer research, Evo will be helping out Skullgirls at this year's tournament. Skullgirls will get its own dedicated equipment to host a side tournament during the big event and Evo is even throwing $1,000 into the prize pool.

As a cherry on top, the matches between the top eight finalists will be streamed to the masses. This is absolutely wonderful news since Evo is such a large tournament and streaming out some high-quality matches is sure to recruit new fans. Also, Skullgirls matches are a wonderful thing to watch.

Skullgirls Gets Cash, Exhibition Support at Evo 2013 [Shoryuken]

Here's Mike Z, one of the wonderful men behind Skullgirls, giving a heart-felt speech after his game raised such an enormous amount of money, even if it didn't raise the most:

What a guy!

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Patrick Hancock
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