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Signed Tetris Mega Drive cart priced at $1 million

5:00 PM on 07.28.2011  ·  Dale North@DaleNorth

A signed copy of the rare Sega Mega Drive game Tetris would be a great collector's item, but asking $1 million for it is just silly. This wouldn't be the first silly price on gaming collectables on eBay, but they claim this copy up for auction is the only signed copy. From the auction listing:

If you are a hardcore videogame collector you know what this is: simply a rare if not THE RAREST videogame on earth; a lot has been said about the numbers but is rumored only 3-8 copies exist worldwide. Personally I know only three: mine, the one exposed not for sale in Mandarake (Japan), and another in the hands of a collector friend of mine.

The auction says that this was signed by the creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov, in Barcelona back in 2008. This was originally purchased by the seller a few years back for 11,000 Euro (about $18,000). The eBay mark-up he expects to pull in is...wow.

Look, I love videogames and I love collectables. I am a bitch for both. But $1 million for a ugly, beat up Japanese Genesis game with some scribbles on it? You could get a nice house, cars, vacations and lots more for that kind of money. Hell, it's probably not even worth that original $16,000.

Tetris Cartridge for Sega's Mega Drive Costs $1M [tom's Guide]


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