Show us your dark side and win Resident Evil: DC

3:50 PM on 12.16.2009

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles was released last month for the Wii and is the latest chapter to the Resident Evil series. Darkside covers Resident Evil 2, Code: Veronica and also introduces a new chapter to the saga starring Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser.

Capcom has sent over ten copies for us to giveaway as part of our 25 days of giving contest series and in order to win a copy, we want you to show us your dark side. Simply take a picture or video tape yourself doing something that shows us an evil side of yourself. Whatever you do, make sure it's nothing illegal and/or can physically harm someone.

Your picture or video must have something Destructoid related in it (no photo editing allowed). You have until this Friday at 11:59 PM CST to submit your entry in the comments below. The ten best entries will each get Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Wii.

[Update: Contest closed! Winners are Super Drybones, Diego Alberto Garcia Aldana, Auilix, Slefiran, ZombiePlatypus, Mix, Kigsunama, GeekVarietyDotCom and Golden-Gecko!]

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