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Shovel Knight hits Kickstarter goal with 2 weeks to spare

1:00 AM on 03.30.2013

Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

Yacht Club announces stretch goals for project

[Update: The project is fully funded. Everything else from here on in is just gravy.]

Shovel Knight is rapidly approaching its $75,000 project goal on Kickstarter. Given the likelihood of achieving that sum over the course of the next fortnight, the team have Yacht Club Games have rolled out a series of stretch goals detailing their plans for any and all extra capital.

Potential additions include: an in-game music player, achievements, new game plus, playable boss characters, and additional modes such as challenges and competitive multiplayer. Perhaps most interesting of all is a "gender swap mode," which would reverse the sexes of the campaign's main characters. Considering how many intrepid hackers are turning the tables on gender roles in classic games lately, implementing such an option would put Yacht Club well ahead of the curve.

On a slightly tangental note, Yacht Club is considering giving Shovel Knight a mount of some sort. The developer reached out to fans the other evening, asking for ideas. In keeping with the garden tool theme of the game, I half jokingly suggested he ride a "hoerse." Shorty thereafter an artist from team produced some concept art for such a creature which you can see below. So, what do you guys think? Yea or neigh?

Update # 4: Stretch Goals, Streams, and Wallpaper! [Yacht Club Games]

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