*Shin Megami Tensei IV adds grinning to its battle system
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Shin Megami Tensei IV adds grinning to its battle system

9:30 AM on 02.11.2013  ยท  Dale North@DaleNorth


The Press Turn battle system of other Shin Megami Tensei games returns for upcoming 3DS title Shin Megami Tensei IV, but with it comes a fun new addition that can give you another advantage in battle. [grin]

Dengeki Online reports that throwing a sly little grin in battle will up your defenses. Hitting an enemy with a weakness enough times can have you grinning, which temporarily buffers your weaknesses. They can also grin, so you'll have to keep your guard up. 

Among other updates, SMTIV will also feature difficulty selection, with the easier end opening things up to RPG newbies. Dengeki says that if you die a few times in the same place, the game will ask you if you'd like to lower the difficulty on next restart. I won't judge.

Finally, saving anywhere in the game is supported. Yes. All portable RPGs should have this feature.

Atlus USA, don't leave us hanging on the localization of this. Don't be a loser and wait until E3 to announce what we already know is coming. 

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