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Shadow of the Eternals returns with David Hayter

4:30 PM on 07.25.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Another shot for the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness

Precursor Games is trying to crowdfund Shadow of the Eternals once again following a failed Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. With a lower budget, a refined pitch, and Solid Snake himself David Hayter lending his voice, will it be enough? That's for people like you to decide.

Most notably, this is an eight- to ten-hour "complete experience" for PC and Wii U as opposed to a series of episodic releases. That alone makes this project much easier to get behind. Precursor is also taking community-created content really seriously which, sure, that's neat for folks who want to get involved. If the studio is able to rake in more money than the current target, a PlayStation 4 release of Shadow of the Eternals will be on the cards. Business as usual.

Some recent gameplay footage:

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