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Screenshot confirms M. Bison and Xiaoyu for SF X Tekken

1:30 PM on 01.02.2012 // Jordan Devore

Filling out the roster of Street Fighter X Tekken ever so slightly, we have two more characters on board: M. Bison and Ling Xiaoyu.

The above image was found on the game's Xbox Live Marketplace page, allowing us blogger types to relax knowing we won't have to come back an hour from now with an update nullifying the leak.

These combatants are nothing to get too excited about, if you ask me, but perhaps we should wait to see how they perform in-game before forming a mob -- for or against. Oh, who am I kidding? It's the Internet way!

M. Bison and Ling Xiaoyu Portraits Revealed in SFxT Screenshot [Shoryuken]

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