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Santana confirmed as unlockable character in Guitar Hero 5

10:40 AM on 07.20.2009 // Nick Chester

Not surprisingly, the exclusive in-game artists will be making a return to the Guitar Hero franchise this fall. Activision has confirmed that Carlos Santana will emerge from smoke, lasers, and in-game advertisements exclusively in Guitar Hero 5

The legendary guitarist will perform (with you on drums or bass or vocals, or also guitar) "No One to Depend On," a single from his self-titled album, Santana

It should be noted that while "No One to Depend On" appeared on an unconfirmed Guitar Hero 5 song list, the playable character did not. For giggles, we'll remind you of the other characters who did: Muse's Matt Bellamy; Johnny Cash; Kurt Cobain; and Garbage vocalist and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles actress Shirley Manson.

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