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Saints Row The Third: Smooth Criminal Edition is perfect

7:00 AM on 08.19.2011

Saints Row The Third already looks outrageously deranged. From the Professor Genki pre-order bonuses to the ability to adjust your genital area on a whim, developer Volition seem to want to give new meaning to the phrase "no holds barred."

I expected many crazy collector's editions for this game, but nothing prepared me for the majesty of the "Smooth Criminal Edition," which EB Games Australia is claiming as an exclusive for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation. Why? Two words: cuff links. This collector's edition comes with its very own cuff links.

I was a big fan of the original Saints Row, and while I didn't really make time for the spray-pedestrians-with-poop antics of the second, Saints Row The Third has me hook, line and sinker. The Smooth Criminal Edition also comes with sunglasses, the soundtrack and bizarrely enough, an ice cube tray in the shape of bullets. Plus the Professor Genki bonuses as a cherry on top. As a result, this has to stand as one of the more attractive collector's editions of the year. Because if running around piledriving old ladies into the cement doesn't get you on board, perhaps cuff links will. Cuff. Links.

Saints Row The Third: Smooth Criminal Edition [EB Games Australia]

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David Rayfield

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David Rayfield

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