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Saints Row 2 teaser site is a go, because the first one was SO AWESOME (snigger)

9:00 PM on 09.22.2007 // Jim Sterling

You know, I really wasn't fond of the original Saints Row. The whole thing had such an immature vibe, like it was trying to be Grand Theft Auto, but figured GTA was just pimps and brutality. It didn't have the satirical wit that went with the mindless violence and titty/drug references. In essence, Saints Row was Grand Theft Auto without the sense of style and class that Rockstar pulls off. It was imitation of the worst kind -- imitation that misses the point. But what the hey, Saints Row 2 is coming out to miss the point once more and a brand new teaser site is up as well.

There is almost nothing to speak of so far, but that's why I'm bolstering my excuse to defecate on Saints Row by providing some screenshots as well. It doesn't look much better, graphically, than the last one as far as I can tell, although I'm really digging the textures on the roads. If you're so into the sandbox genre of games that you'll take anything, Saints Row 2 might plug a hole. If it's anything like the first one though, expect something completely vapid, contextually.

[Thanks to Justin V on the site tip, Will "Backflip" for the screens]

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