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Rumortoid: The Force Unleashed now has achievements

10:09 PM on 04.06.2008 // NO LONGER WORKS AT DESTRUCTOID

With all of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed news and videos hitting the web and TV this week, it is really hard to imagine that even more is available for a game as far off as September. Thanks to a faithful tipster, it seems like Destructoid has even more in the form of Xbox 360 exclusive content -- the achievements.

As many of you know, I hate seeing people give away spoilers on the storyline of a game; this list does not seem to touch on too many things that would give away the story. What you can expect to learn are things like vehicles, characters, Jedi powers, difficulty levels and locations. I was assured that this list also has one "mock achievement," so that our tipster could always know where their work ended up. They also made it very clear that "The mock achievement isn't out of the blue, and does not make up a new part of the game."  Take what you will from that, but I can tell you that we were able to validate many of these achievements.

Also, please keep in mind that these are likely to change, as the final build of the game doesn't seem to be ready for the 360 even though some of us have played it and there is also a PS3, Wii, PSP, and DS version of the game on the way. This could be an indicator of how far along the game is, or just a quick list put up to help the game in testing. Last week we saw Grand Theft Auto IV achievements hit the web that are not the final achievements. Most are legit, but a few are not. The same could apply to these.

Hit the jump, and Caveat Emptor.

Invasion - Complete level - 10
Insurrection - Complete level - TIE Factory, act 1 -10
Junkyard - Complete level - Raxus Prime, act 1 - 10
Jedi Hunt - Complete level - Felucia, act 1 - 10
Empirical - Complete level - Empirical, act 2 - 10
Vapor Room - Complete level - Cloud City, act 2 - 10
Skyhook - Complete level - Kashyyyk, act 2 - 10
Infestation - Complete level - Felucia, act 2 -10
Destroyer - Complete level - Raxus Prime, act 2 - 10
Redemption - Complete level - Light Side - 10
Revenge - Complete level - Dark Side - 10

Padawan - Complete Game - Padawan difficulty - 100
Jedi Knight - Complete Game - Jedi Knight difficulty - 100
Jedi Master - Complete Game - Jedi Master difficulty - 100
Jedi Council - Complete Game - Jedi Council difficulty - 50

Pushed - Defeat 20 enemies with Force Push - 10
Gripped - Defeat 20 enemies with Force Grip - 10
Shocked - Defeat 20 enenies with Force Lightning - 10
Repulsed - Defeat 20 enemies with Force Repulse - 10
Impailed - Defeat 20 enemies with Saber Throw - 10
Shielded - Defeat 20 enemies with Lightning Shield - 10
Charged - Defeat 20 enemies with a charged Force Power - 10
Grappled - Defeat 20 enemies with a grapple move - 10
Launched - Defeat 20 enemies with a launcher move - 10

Proxy Won't be Happy - Destroy 100 droids - 20
Rebel Leader - Defeat 500 Imperials - 20
Red Five - Destroy 20 attacking TIE fighters - 20
Bosak - Defeat 25 Wookies on Kashyyyk Prologue - 20
Ugnaughts - Defeat 25 Ugnaughts on Cloud City - 20
Novice - Earn 5,000 Force Points on a single level - 10
Skilled - Earn 10,000 Force Points on a single level - 10
Expert - Earn 25,000 Force Points on a single level - 10
Legend - Earn 50,000 Force Points on a single level - 20

Frenzy - Get a multikill x4 - 10
Sith Frenzy - Get a multikill x8 - 10
Sith Lord Frenzy - Get a multikill x12 - 20

Holocron Collector - Collect all Jedi holocrons in the game - 30
Corellian Cross - Complete all secondary objects on one level - 10
Corellian Star - Complete all secondary objectives in the game - 30

Use the Force, Luke - Complete a level without using the lightsaber - 20
Force Push Mastery - Defeat 100 enemies with Force Push - 20
Force Grip Mastery - Defeat 100 enemies with Force Grip - 20
Force Lightning Mastery - Defeat 100 enemies with Force Lightning - 20
Force Repulse Mastery - Defeat 100 enemies with Repulse - 20
Lightsaber Throw Mastery - Defeat 100 enemies with Saber Throw - 20
Lightning Shield Mastery - Defeat 100 enemies Lighning Shield - 20
Battlemind - Defeat 100 enemies with a charged Force Power - 20
The Bigger They Are - Defeat 6 Rancors - 10
The Harder They Fall - Defeat 10 AT-STs or AT-KTs - 10
Cannon Fodder - Defeat 100 Stormtroopers - 10
Keep Away From The Exhaust Port - Explode 100 explodable objects - 10


Star Wars fans take note -- AT-KTs have never, to my knowledge, been announced as a vehicle in any Star Wars game, book or movie. Bosak is also something that I haven't ran across in the past.

[Thanks JK as always]

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