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Rumor: Next Call of Duty map pack is 'Retaliation'

9:20 AM on 06.15.2011 // Nick Chester

Of course there's more Call of Duty: Black Ops downloadable content on the way. You guys keep buying it, and Activision isn't going to leave money on the table. 

While it hasn't been announced, an alleged GameStop promotional flyer has outed the details of the third pack, reportedly called "Retaliation." The pack is said to feature four new multiplayer maps -- "Hangar 18," "Hazard," "Silo," and "Drive-In" -- along with a new zombie map. 

The info comes from a blurry photo of the supposed marketing material, so until its confirmed, this is rumor only. Seems like a hot little package Activision could use to get people playing Black Ops and testing that Elite service this summer... not that it needs any help.  

[RUMOR] Map Pack 3 Leak? [Digital Warfare 24/7]

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