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Roman Dirge hard at work on Vampire Puff Puff for iPhone

1:20 AM on 11.25.2009 // Topher Cantler

If you've never heard of Roman Dirge, you're about to. He's the creator of the brilliant comic book series, Lenore. Roman has been delighting the masses with his brand of spooky cuteness for years now, and he's about to grace the world of videogames with that same creepy flavor in the form of his upcoming iPhone game, called Vampire Puff Puff.

He says his goal was to create the most entertaining side-scrolling shooter ever, and knowing Dirge, that's not an unreasonable thing to expect. The game features Lenore's sidekick Ragamuffin as its main character, and includes 23 unique baddies, 15 different zombies, an undead alpaca, and a Poe Poe gun that shoots ravens and cries like an emo kid when it runs out of ammo.

Ragamuffin will rock an array of insane weaponry through five levels, to rescue Lenore from the evil Pooty Applewater. If the game does well, there'll be tons of updates, including mounts, a costume shop, Spookyland rides, and Lenore herself as a playable character.

And if that does well? Next stop may be XBLA. We'll bring you a date and more info as we get it. If you've got an iPhone, keep an eye out for this one and support it when it's released. Coming from the same mind that brought us Lenore, it's going to be absolutely amazing. Check out the first screens below.

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