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Rogue Legacy now updated, more patch details

1:00 AM on 12.18.2013

Streamlining, bug fixes and new content

Cellar Door games recently announced an update to Rogue Legacy, the procedurally generated platform game in which players explore an ever-changing castle, one familial generation at a time. It's a really great game, easy to lose hours to, and the new content sounds like it's going to add quite a bit to the experience.

In total, 28 new rooms have been added, which should be a nice bit of additional variety and spice things up for returning players, while also removing the "Diary" rooms which fill in the plot once said plot is fully revealed so that they're no longer a waste of time to travel through. The update also seems to make a lot of things easier, improving the "Haggle" ability to reduce prices more efficiently, reducing the attack capability of some enemies and making some abilities function better in "New Game +" playthroughs. And, finally, it reduced the chances that a character with irritable bowel syndrome will fart whenever they jump, which I'm sure will be a black mark for many.

The patch notes also state that Cellar Door is currently testing Steam Cloud functionality and expects it to be included in a future update .

This is the only game in my Steam library for which I had earned all of the achievements, which should say something for how much I enjoyed playing it. I say, "had," because there are now six more achievements in the Steam version I'll have to earn. Oh, darn.

Patch Notes 1.2.0 – Content Patch [Cellar Door Games]

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