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Rogue Legacy for Linux and Mac 'very close' to done

1:30 PM on 09.23.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Patch also in the works

Right before it released on Steam, I was mostly hopeful -- but still somewhat worried -- about whether or not Rogue Legacy would catch on, which I believed the game fully deserved. It has. And gosh, that makes me happy. Cellar Door Games tells Joystiq "It's actually done well enough that we can start up our next project without worrying about finances so much, which is pretty amazing!" It is a wonderful thing to see a single title fuel a studio's future work.

In the short term, we have the Mac and Linux versions of Rogue Legacy to look forward to. Cellar Door's Teddy Lee says those are "very close" to completion, but might be pushed back -- there's a patch in the works for PC "with extra content" and if it's included at launch for Mac/Linux, those versions will need to release a little later. There's also still the PS Vita and PS4 versions, too!

Rogue Legacy for Mac and Linux 'very close', upcoming patch adds more content [Joystiq]

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