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Rogue Legacy comes to Mac and Linux

8:00 PM on 10.16.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Free update for Steam owners

The promised Linux and Mac versions of Cellar Door Games' 2D action-platformer Rogue Legacy are out now and, if you bought the game on Steam already -- you should have! It's good fun! -- they're accessible at no additional cost. Got to love that Steam Play support.

There's also an update that notably introduces a profile-select feature (with support for up to three separate saves), and the jukebox now remains persistent up until the point at which you enter a new area or a boss room. Make sense. Beyond those big changes, it's a bunch of minor fixes.

I'm still only one boss in because the cute character designs always seem to lull me into a false sense of security, causing me to play aggressively, take a bunch of hits here and there, and then kick it almost immediately after starting the next major encounter. Stop doing that, self!

Patch Notes v1.1.0 [Cellar Door Games]

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Jordan Devore
Managing Editor
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Rogue Legacy

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6:37 PM on 03.17.2014
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4:00 PM on 12.13.2013
Rogue Legacy update

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1:30 PM on 09.23.2013
Rogue Legacy update

Rogue Legacy for Linux and Mac 'very close' to done

Patch also in the works

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