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Rock and piano covers of the Mighty No. 9 theme

4:00 AM on 09.07.2013

Tony Ponce


Since we can't call him 'Blue Bomber,' how about 'Mighty Mauler'?

Is anyone else playing and replaying the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter video and jamming out to the theme song? Because that is totally what I'm doing. It's so great to hear Mega Man 1 composer Manami Matsumae hard at work again, bringing a retro-future touch to another fine-looking game starring a feisty blue robot boy.

I've got here two different covers of the Mighty No. 9 theme. Above is a rock version courtesy of Chilean guitarist Cristián "Psycho Crusher" Escobar. Like all his other songs, you can download it right now off his Bandcamp page.

Below is a piano rendition performed by Matsumae-san herself. It is sadly just a preview, but the full version is likely to be posted on the game's Kickstarter page in the coming week. Stay alert!

Mighty No. 9 Theme (Guitar / Rock Cover) - Psycho Crusher [YouTube]

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Tony Ponce
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