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RetroforceGO! episode 63: We heart Neo-Geo

5:16 PM on 10.10.2008 // Topher Cantler

Happy Friday, listeners! This week's episode was all about the Neo-Geo; in all of its huge and expensive glory. Show me your moves:

  • Chad should have bought that
  • There once was a cute and magical puppy named Pop'n, whom all the orphan children loved, until one day Microsoft dragged it into the street by its tail, dressed it up like a squirrel, ran over it with a Hummer, then made meatloaf out of it and sold it back to the poor orphans on Christmas morning for 800 points.
  • Mice Pronoun Sea Asian ForceGO!
  • Show me your moves!
  • Are you ok?
  • C'mon, c'mon!

You can download the new episode right here, and if you subscribe to us on iTunes, you can get it many hours before everyone else. Then you can point at them and laugh. See you next week!

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