Retailer lets slip PC, PS4, Xbox One 'Sleeping Dogs HD' - destructoid

Retailer lets slip PC, PS4, Xbox One 'Sleeping Dogs HD'

2:45 PM on 06.16.2014

Steven Hansen

Features Editor

Coming this November; or, a clerical error

UK retailer Shopto had a listing, now removed, for Sleeping Dogs HD, as spotted by Gamr Review. The listing was for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and carried a November release date.

Square Enix re-releasing Sleeping Dogs while working on the sequel (and while there's nothing else to play on next gen) makes sense. It did this successfully with Tomb Raider.  It being called "HD" as a point of separation and it re-releasing on the PC makes decidedly less sense.

Still, I played it on the PS3 and was disappointed to see a friend play it on PC with the high resolution textures pack because it looked so much smoother. I like my neon like I like my knitting: as pretty as can be.

Rumour: Sleeping Dogs HD Heading to PS4/XO/PC [Gamr Review]

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