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Resident Evil: Revelations hitting Steam, Origin & GFWL

2:15 PM on 02.14.2013

Better resolution and framerate options for PC

Resident Evil: Revelations is making the jump from handheld to all the major consoles and PC this May. Capcom is upping the visuals and adding a bunch of extras for the re-release, but it's the PC version that will give players the best visual treatment.

"We've done on our side what we hope PC players will be happy with in terms of giving them the options in terms of resolution and framerate that they expect," producer Tsukasa Takenaka told me in a recent interview. "We look forward to seeing what the community will do with the game cause we know the trick with the North American community is that they love to take these games and take [things] further."

The framerate for the PlayStation 3 version we went hands-on with recently looked pretty solid. While Capcom wouldn't go into exact specifics on the frames per second for any platform, Takenaka reassured us that PC players will be set their framerate to whatever they can get out of their hardware.

As for where you'll be able to purchase Revelations, Takenaka told me that "while we have previously used Games for Windows on our PC releases, starting with DmC which came out this year, we're going to be supporting Steam as the platform of choice for PC games." That said, you'll still be able to get Revelations through Games for Windows and Origin as well.

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