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Rejoice! Syndicate paperwork is on file

5:00 AM on 04.14.2010
Rejoice! Syndicate paperwork is on file photo

About freaking time.

After months and months of rumors and speculation, we finally have documented proof of the existence of Syndicate as developed by Starbreeze. Superannuation found not one, but three filings made last year with the US Copyright Office, naming the title, as well as Starbreeze and Electronic Arts. It's a thing. For real.

I love the setting and themes in Syndicate. The cyberpunk thing just gets my gears turning in a big way and very few games have been able to convey the proper grit and grime of that genre better than this series.

Of course, the expectation that this will be anything like the actual gameplay of prior Syndicate titles, with an isometric view and emphasis on tactics, should be pretty low. This is going to be another FPS, mark my words. I'm just hoping it'll be a good one.

A triple confirmation. [Superannuation]

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