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Realtime Worlds goes into administration

1:00 PM on 08.18.2010
Realtime Worlds goes into administration photo

Sad news for the UK games industry today as it loses another of its clan. Scottish developer Realtime Worlds has gone into administration, putting the jobs of its 250-strong staff at risk. 

The news is potentially devastating for Dundee's local economy and will definitely have an impact on the already shrinking UK games industry. The story comes in the wake of APB's lackluster launch, and the British government scrapping plans for much-needed games industry tax breaks. 

The studio is currently hoping for a buyer to "safeguard" its future, and is currently in a consultation process to try and decide the company's fate. 

It's sad news indeed and I hope Realtime Worlds pulls through. The studio's always had talent and passion, and was capable of better than its recent output, not to mention deserved better. Fingers crossed, I suppose.

Realtime Worlds games company goes into administration [BBC]

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