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Rayman Legends coming to Wii U

7:30 AM on 04.27.2012

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

Ubisoft has been trying to kill a leaked trailer all morning, but it's not working. The cat is out of the bag, since the world now knows that Rayman Legends is coming to Wii U. 

It'll have new playable characters, online play, and "social" aspect. The video shows off plenty of gameplay, all of which looks like tons of fun.  

In essence, the game looks very similar to the excellent Rayman Origins, although the visuals seem more detailed and there will be some touch screen functionality. The most intriguing aspect is a Skylanders-esque feature in which players will be able to put objects on the Wii U controller in order to add content to the game. The trailer shows a heart and a Rabbid, and hints that Ezio may also make an appearance.

No idea how in the Hell that'll work, but watch the video anyway. Before a lawyer shouts at us, anyway.

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Jim Sterling
Former Reviews Editor
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