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Quick hands-on with Nintendo Land's Mario Chase

10:00 AM on 10.17.2012

Abel Girmay


It's basically tag

Since its announcement, we seen a small trickling of the new game types in Nintendo Land. The latest is Mario Chase, a Mario themed game of tag where players have to chase after Mario. Player one is Mario, and with a ten second head start, you'll be doing all the running, ducking, and dodging needed to avoid the other players.

Up to four others can play as Toads, chasing Mario all around the course until one of them tackles him out. To even the playing field, the person playing as Mario uses the GamePad to get an overhead view of the arena and the other players locations. Mario can also periodically get a Rainbow Star for a few moments of invincibility if you safely get him back to the center of the arena. It is a risk though, as running back to the center can get you cornered easier.

Not to count the Toads out, they come equipped with a handy little meter that lets you know your distance to Mario, as well as a dash move to tackle Mario when close enough.

Nintendo Land's offerings have been small and tame so far, impressing not with its fancy visuals or mechanics, but rather the simplicity of it all. With Mario Chase, it feels like the Nintendo Land devs sat in a room and said themselves, "You know what's fun? Tag!" And you know what, it is, it really is.


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Abel Girmay
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