Quick! Get Super Meat Boy on Steam for $2.99 right now - destructoid

Quick! Get Super Meat Boy on Steam for $2.99 right now

1:00 AM on 11.07.2013

Just released on Linux too

This week's Steam Midweek Madness sale is for Super Meat Boy. The game has been discounted by 80% off it's normal retail price, so you can grab it for $2.99. The amazing soundtrack is also on sale, and that's going for $1.19. You have until Friday at 10AM Pacific to nab both discounted items.

Oh, and Super Meat Boy just released on Linux. So there's that news too.

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Super Meat Boy

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Get off my lawn
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Super Meat Boy, that is
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Super Meat Boy sells 1 million copies, is still hard

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Sip some champagne to the Super Meat Boy piano album

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Super Meat Boy update

Indie Game Music Bundle deal: 10 albums for only $1

8:00 PM on 11.13.2011
Super Meat Boy update

Super Meat Boy speed run puts us all to shame

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