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Puppeteer: Final Hero Heads and Theatrical pack announced

3:00 PM on 06.07.2013

Wesley Ruscher

Former Contributor

What does everybody want?

With E3 right around the corner Sony has dropped another whimsical look at the upcoming PS3 platformer Puppeteer. The new trailer paints a picture of what is sure to be one of this year’s most bizarre adventures, as it showcases the utter creativity that is oozing from Japan Studio’s latest.

Additionally, Sony has revealed the scissor-wielding Kutaro’s final two “Hero Heads” power-ups, the Hook Power of the Moon Pirate and the Brute Power of the Moon Wrestler. Sporting a stylish Pirate hat, the Moon Pirate head grants protagonist Kutaro the ability to shoot a handy hook chain for grabbing and grappling items and enemies a la Bionic Commando. As the Moon Wrestler, Kutaro acquires a powerful drilling attack used for smashing anything and everything with the fury of a seasoned lucha libre.

Also announced is the Theatrical Pack DLC, a gift for those who pre-order this September 10 release. Included in the pre-order bundle are exclusive PSN avatars of Kutaro the Moon Witch and the game's antagonist Moon Bear King, a dynamic custom theme filled with concept art, and the original soundtrack by famed composer Patrick Doyle (Brave, Carlito’s Way, Thor).

Look for more impressions of the Puppeteer next week when we go hands-on at E3. Flamingo riding here I come!

Puppeteer [PlayStation Blog]

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Wesley Ruscher
Former Contributor
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