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PS3's firmware 2.0 details revealed - Sony take a leak in public

7:25 AM on 05.14.2007 // Jim Sterling

Word to the wise: Never prematurely ejaculate online, because there's always somebody waiting to catch your jizz in a glass.

Such it was that Sony appeared to accidentally release details of the PS3's firmware 2.0 update. Despite swiftly moving to take the information down, the online swarm got to it first and made sure that there would be no secrets had this day. We are the internet, Sony, you cannot hide from us!

Members of Sony's official PS3 forums, as well as those on nabbed the info quick as you like and shared the exciting spoils with the rest of us. Click the ol' jump for the full list of updates.

- You can now password-protect user accounts.

- [Dynamic Normalizer] has been added as an option under [Sound Settings].
- [Energy Saver] has been added as an option.
- [Equalizer] has been added as a feature under [Music Settings].
- [Full] has been added as an option for [DVD Wide Display] under [BD / DVD Settings].
- [Photo Settings] has been added as an option.
- [PS / PS2 Settings] has been added as an option.
- [RSS Channel Settings] has been added as an option.
- [Sample Rate] has been added to Audio CD Import under [Music Settings].
- [Screen Saver] has been expanded under [Display Settings].
- The method of selecting an output resolution has been changed in [Video Output Settings] under [Display Settings].
- [Theme Settings] has been added as an option.
- [Zero Unused Disk Space] has been added as an option under [System Settings] > [Format Utility].

- Additional slideshow effects have been added.
- [Photo Effects] have been added as a feature.
- Wallpaper feature has been added.
- [Zoom] has been added as a feature.

- Additional visualization effects have been added.
- CD information can now be entered.
- Three-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature.

- Files can now be played sequentially.
- Three-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature.
- You can now select [Zoom] under [Screen Mode] when playing video files saved on the hard disk or storage media.*.
*An appropriate USB adapter (not included) is required to use storage media with some models.

- Support for PlayStation 3 format software titles has been expanded.
- XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) is now accessible during gameplay.

- [RSS Channel] has been added as a feature.

- You can now have multiple chat sessions.
- You can now select an image to use as your Avatar from [Photo].

- Date and Time is now shown when the PS button is pressed.
- File sorting has been changed.
- [Help] has been added as a feature.
- Playability status with the PS3™ system has changed for some PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 format titles.
- [Secure Delete] has been added as an option.
- Some PlayStation Network features have been revised

Now that, in my professional opinion, is what one might call a rather large update. We've yet to get any ETA on when this firmware will become fertile; but at least we know what we're getting, if not when.

[Thanks to Chris Pearson]

Jim Sterling, Former Reviews Editor
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