PS2? More Eyetoy games coming this year

12:41 PM on 08.15.2008

Do you even have an Eyetoy, Destructoid reader? I know you have a PS2 somewhere, probably in your closet, right? What perfect timing from Sony to release two new Eyetoy: Play games.

Nah, I'm just busting your balls, Sony. We know that there are millions of PS2s out there, and that people are still playing and buying games them. I am, too. 

The newly annoucned titles use their color tracking technology, which is a step above the previous motion-only sensing. Hero is a first-person swordplay title. Armed with a florescent toy sword, you'll be able to cut down onscreen baddies... and your friends and family. 

Hero and another unnamed Eyetoy game are expected to be released around Christmas. 

Will you plug up your PS2 for a game that uses a flourescent toy sword? 

[Via Gamesdog]

Seriously, this game is a riot.

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