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Protect your Kinect privacy with Pritect

11:00 AM on 02.18.2012
Protect your Kinect privacy with Pritect photo

Try saying that headline three times fast. The aptly named Pritect is a smart new device that helps safeguard Kinect user privacy. What's that you say? Didn't know your Kinect could invade your privacy? The issue was first raised two years ago when Microsoft's Dennis Durkin mentioned the Kinect's potential as an advertising tool, collecting images and data to send you ads tailored to your interests (for instance, capturing the logo on your sports jersey while watching a football game).

Rightly anticipating that gamers would have a huge f*cking problem with this, inventor Paul Harper created the Pritect, a simple slip on cover that blocks out all light, effectively disabling the camera while also protecting against harmful dust and debris. The Pritect is also fits in with the Kinect aesthetic nicely, making that suggested retail price of $14.99 a bit sweeter. Find it now at Best Buy or Amazon.

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