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Project Spark beta sign-ups are open

1:30 PM on 06.24.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Xbox One and Windows 8

The on-stage E3 reveal of Project Spark should have done more for me. Perhaps it was the wrong venue to get a real grasp of this Xbox One, Windows 8, and Xbox 360 title that gives players a startling amount of tools to build their own games in a relatively intuitive way. Should you be interested, Microsoft Studios and Team Dakota have opened sign-ups for the beta, accessible here.

Depending on how user-made content is curated, Project Spark could be the next one of these at times overwhelming creation games to really grab me. I've learned long ago that I can't make anything worthwhile myself, so it's always on the community to keep me entertained. Thankfully, that tends to work out just fine.

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