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star trek online: legacy of romulus
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star trek online: legacy of romulus

Are you tired of hearing news about Back to the Future day yet, especially now that it's technically over already? If you are...well, I'm sorry, but hey, this one might even be cool, because it comes from even further into the future - the 25th-century timeline of Star Trek Online, to be exact. 

From yesterday until October 26th, just before the launch of the game's big Season 11 update, players that log into the game can claim a free Back to the Future-style hoverboard, complete with an evocative pink color scheme and royalty-free "Future Flyer" branding. There's even a cute bit of flavor text from the game's Temporal Investigations NPCs explaining just how strange artifacts from the 21st century got themselves into the 25th.

In case you aren't willing to download a fat MMO to get your taste of 2015's top toy, there's a picture of the item,  as well as some hot quantum-teleported lore, below. 

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