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star trek online: legacy of romulus

Updated 03-24-2015
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star trek online: legacy of romulus

Ah, time travel. It's a staple of science fiction, and Star Trek has played host to more than a few yarns about tripping the light chronologic. Thus it's not unusual to see a few time-travel quests lodged into MMORPG Star Trek Online's mission lineup. What is unusual, though, is how developer Cryptic are planning to involve temporal hijinks in the game's latest event: The Delta Recruitment Month.

The event, slated to run from April 2nd to May 21st, is designed to encourage new players to join the game and to convince current or returning players to start up fresh characters ("alts" in the common parlance). During the duration of the event, any new characters created will be marked as "Delta Recruits" and be outfitted with a host of benefits and rewards intended to speed the leveling process, some of which can also be transferred over to older characters on the same account. More intriguingly, Delta Recruit characters will be able to participate in a unique, parallel storyline involving quests and goals given by "an experienced captain traveling back in time" to prepare for coming developments in the game's Season 10 update. 

Cryptic's also hinted at other plans for Season 10, including a major revamp of the game's "Sector Space" overworld map, new content, starships, story missions, voice cameos from Trek alumni, and what looks to be a big ol' war against the Iconians, a bunch of aliens on whom most bad happenings in Star Trek Online's lore can be blamed.

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