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Updated 10-27-2014
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Fangamer has come a long way from its beginnings at What started as a Mother/EarthBound-focused fandom now sells all sorts of videogame-related merchandise. With this current project, titled You Are Now EarthBound (after an old fansite), the team is returning to its roots. Not only is it focusing on the game that catalyzed the company's genesis, it is looking like one of the biggest projects Fangamer has taken on.

It is set to include a handbook similar to the one produced for Mother 3, a documentary on the fandom for the series, an album of EarthBound music arranged by the Bad Dudes, and a zine composed of EarthBound-inspired art and writing.

Getting all of the rewards digitally takes a pledge of $32, with physical releases starting at twice that much. Work is well underway on the project, but Fangamer is seeking $100,000 on Kickstarter to help get it all finished. As of this publication, it is nearly halfway to that goal at about $45,000.

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