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Zumba Fitness Core  

Updated 06-05-2012
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Zumba Fitness Core

Hold on to your abs: another butt-busting Zumba game is on the way. This new entry in the popular series, which has sold over 7 million copies worldwide, focuses on the abs while delivering an intense full-body workout. Says Jesse Sutton, CEO of Majesco Entertainment:

We have realized tremendous success with our Zumba® Fitness franchise that now ranks as the #2 best-selling fitness game franchise of all time, second only to the Wii FitTM series that pioneered the category. We know from research that the #1 area women want to transform is their abs and Zumba® Fitness Core is the first and only video game to implement this consumer-driven feature. The 'core' focus is in addition to content fans have asked for: more licensed tracks, new dance styles and additional fitness features designed to maximize your total body, at home workout.

Zumba Fitness Core will add new rhythms and beats, new venues, personal and community goal trackers, fitness tips, new celebrity dance instructors, and dual workouts on the Kinect (with up to three party players on the Wii). And since I just know you want to see what you'll be staring at through your hours and hours of gut whittling, there are some pretty pictures to look at, including the cover. Get the real thing when Zumba Fitness Core debuts this fall on Wii and Kinect.

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