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To date, ZombiU has been one of the best (and only) non-Nintendo published Wii U exclusives. It has turned into something of a cult classic, as many have praised the way that it felt more like a survival game and resisted turning into a high-octane shooter. However, it suffered as a launch title on a slowly-adopted console; the game was deemed "unprofitable" and plans for a sequel were scrapped.

However, like any zombie worth its salt, ZombiU is coming back to life -- this time on PS4 and Xbox One -- but re-titled simply as Zombi. Obviously, those platforms lack the GamePad controller functionality of the Wii U, but that drawback isn't much of a hindrance at all. Zombi still shines brightly without it.

Now, that's not to say that a standard controller is just as good as a GamePad. It's not, plain and simple. Managing inventory with the GamePad is snappier. It's easier to switch weapons quickly (when you forgot to assign them to slots) or to use a health item. Those extra few seconds might not seem like much, but it's noticeable when a few of the undead are shuffling ever-closer to you.

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