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It seems as though Paypal is unintentionally throwing a wrench in the works of another independent game developer. Goldhawk Interactive, the developers of the X-Com inspired Xenonauts, have just been locked out from their pre-order funds by Paypal. 

In recent years, one of the popular funding methods for independent game developers is the early pre-order. It works out quite well, in fact; you pay for the game in advance, you receive the game when it is released and sometimes even get access to early builds of the game to tide you over and to reward you for your patronage. While this sounds all well and good to the average consumer, this doesn't sit right with Paypal.

Paypal feels as though people shouldn't buy an item that doesn't exist in any completed form. They feel, if the project were to fall through and the item become unable to be completed, then Paypal would be liable.

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