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XCOM: Enemy Within
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XCOM: Enemy Within

Every once and awhile I see something that I desperately want but know I shouldn't get because it would ruin my life. Motorcycles, home-installed espresso machines, that sort of thing. Now I can add XCOM: Enemy Within on mobile, available tonight for a variety of iOS, Android, and Amazon devices, to that list.

Enemy Within was my favorite “game” of 2013. Yeah, I know it was only an expansion for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but it was an expansion for an already fantastic game with loads of entirely new maps, enemies, specialty missions, and MECH SUITS. The mobile port of Enemy Unknown was fantastic, so we can probably expect more of the same from Enemy Within.

I would absolutely LOVE to be able to play XCOM on the go, but considering how addicted I was to the PC version, I'd probably try to sneak a turn in between traffic lights or something and end up splattered all over the front of a truck. Sometimes you need to know your limits.

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