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X-Men Destiny
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Milo Ventimiglia talks about his X-Men Destiny

Jul 25
Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes and "Rocky Balboa's son" fame will be lending his pipes to one of the new recruit mutants in the upcoming X-Men Destiny. Ventimiglia will be voicing Grant, who the actor says "wants to play footbal...

Report: Voice actors record voices for X-Men: Destiny

Jul 21
Little known fact about voice actors: they have to go into a sound studio and actually record lines of dialogue for these videogames. For many years, the understanding was that developers would steal the souls of voice talen...

SDCC: Hands-on with X-Men Destiny

Jul 21
Activision showed off X-Men Destiny last night at a preview event. It's probably the first X-Men game where you'll start out as a total nobody. But what's neat about Silicon Knights' upcoming title is that you have the opportunity to make a nobody a real somebody by shaping their mutant powers and alliances.  Read on for our preview of X-Men Destiny.

X-Men Destiny destined to launch on September 27

Jul 20
Silicon Knight's X-Men Destiny has a release date: September 27. The date was revealed in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer for the title, which is currently exclusive to GameTrailers. The upcoming title has players taking on t...

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