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World of Warcraft  

Updated 01-19-2015
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World of Warcraft

A decade is a decent stretch of time by any account, but it's an especially long time to routinely play an MMO. Blizzard wants to recognize the dedication of the select few players that have stuck by World of Warcraft since the very beginning, so it's sending out a special thank you gift.

According to a post on MMO Champion, Blizzard's shipping a bronze statue to accounts that were created within 60 days of the game's launch date. The statue is a likeness of the large monument outside Blizzard headquarters that depicts an orc riding a wolf. World of Warcraft released on November 23, 2004 in North America, and February 11, 2005 in Europe.

Pictures of the ornate figurine have already surfaced, and there's a sentimental note printed on the bottom of the base. It reads "The orc statue is a constant presence in our life at Blizzard entertainment. It's where we meet to talk, to eat, to celebrate. As we celebrate ten years of World of warcraft, we present this token of appreciation to you, stalwart adventurer. Thank you for being a constant presence in our lives as we adventure together."

This gesture is certainly a classy move by Blizzard to celebrate the people that helped get them to ten years on their flagship title. It may be a long ways off to say a game's going to make it another ten years, but if the dedication of WoW fans is any indication, we'll probably be talking about a neat 20-year gift a decade from now.

Blizzard Sending Gifts to Veteran Accounts [MMO Champion via Polygon]

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