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World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft will be a little more sparsely populated for the next six months. Of the 7.1 million active accounts in Blizzards famed massive multiplayer game, approximately 1.4 percent have been recently banned, scrubbed from the servers for a half year.

Blizzard announced the sweeping disciplinary actions in a post. According to the game's community manager, "a large number" of players were temporarily banished due to their use of bots. The World of Warcraft overlords rule this part of their kingdom with an iron fist.

While the forum post was intentionally nebulous, a wide-spread screenshot of a chat with a game master lends some specifics. They say that more than 100,000 accounts were met with the banhammer, and that the duration of the suspension would be six months. They add that Blizzard is now being flooded with requests to reverse the decision.

Of course, Blizzard likely won't show mercy with regard to these pleas. Instead, these players will have quite the lengthy timeout to think about what they've done. When they return, maybe they'll be reformed into upstanding citizens of Warcraft's world.

Recent Actions Against Botting in WoW []

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