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August has been a semi-slow month in terms of gaming deals but things are about to heat up as we near Fall release schedule + holiday season. Digital retailer GMG released a new 25% off coupon that works on select upcoming PC titles. Noteworthy one of course is Bethesda's November 10's Fallout 4, and 7 days later EA/DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront.

For Fallout 4, the game drops to its previous all-time low pre-order price of $45, whereas the same goes for Battlefront with 25% off. Just use the code listed below during checkout and you're golden.

In the rest of game deal lands, we have WildStar on sale at GameStop for $10 (game is going F2P soon), and a nice Mario & Sonic Wii U + Remote Plus bundle for $17 at Target (in-store only). Lastly there's a 48 hours PSN Flash Sale with some actual decent/okay titles to check out. (Breakdown here).

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