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Wii Party  

Updated 09-04-2010
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Wii Party

Are you a cam whore? Do you love the Wii? I mean reeeeeeeally love the Wii enough to prance around like Goofus McGee and have your antics broadcast around the country? Then maybe you have what it takes to star in an upcoming Wii Party commercial!

Nintendo has set up an online casting call open to US residents over the age of 13 to find fresh faces for its latest expanded audience ad campaign. From now until September 10, you can go to the page and fill out a short form with seemingly nonessential questions like "What's your favorite food?" or "Do you play an instrument?" Lord only knows what the Nintendo marketing gurus have in store for you.

Wouldn't it be awesome if one of us got the gig? Between fame and dignity, I know what I'd pick!

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