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Wasteland 2
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Wasteland 2

Come this summer, you won't want need a PC to play Wasteland 2. inXile Entertainment is bringing its harsh post-apocalyptic role-playing game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with an expanded Game of the Year Edition. Existing players aren't being left behind, though -- the new content will arrive as a free update for the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Wasteland 2.

First off, the game is going to look and sound better. It's being updated to the Unity 5 engine, with improved textures, character models, and lighting, plus "thousands of lines of new voice-over." There are mechanical upgrades, too, like the Precision Strike system that allows players to attack specific body parts in combat. Cripple those limbs, rangers!

Perks & Quirks, a system for individualizing characters with bonuses and trade-offs, will help bolster squad customization. The go-to example right now is "Raised in the Circus," which grants agility during fights but makes you look like a clown. inXile is "also overhauling game balance, item drops, and reworking the majority of combat encounters throughout the game."

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