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Updated 03-04-2015
Xbox One
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Wasteland 2

[Update: On top of the Xbox One release, Wasteland 2 is also coming to PlayStation 4 this summer, inXile confirmed today. CEO Brian Fargo noted that "if you are backer of Wasteland 2 or have already purchased it on PC, fear not. We will announce great news for you later."]

I wouldn't have thought a game like Wasteland 2 would leave its PC roots but if it works, it works. inXile Entertainment is self-publishing its deep, unforgiving turn-based RPG on Xbox One "soon."

The trailer out of this week's Game Developers Conference lists several upgrades:

  • New quirks and perks system
  • New precision strike system
  • Complete art and lighting overhaul
  • Updated character models for all party members
  • New voice-overs for all major speaking parts and CNPCs

What about current players? Tracing back to the last Kickstarter update, inXile says it's "not done yet" with the Steam version of Wasteland 2. The team is moving its code base to the new Unity 5 engine, so besides "...visual improvements, we have quite a few quirky tricks up our sleeves. The character system is getting perked up and will include some new elements to modify gameplay."

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