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Viscera Cleanup Detail
/ pc


Squirty Play - Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

Grab a mop and get sloppin'!
Oct 12
Hey there, cool friends! I've got more Indigo Prophecy coming to you, but right now I'm having a go at pulling my own little YouTube channel up by its bootstraps and experimenting with things. What yummy fun! Here, I play Vi...

That space-station janitor sim now has multiplayer

Viscera Cleanup Detail still cracks me up
Jul 23
The impressive effort of a game jam, Viscera Cleanup Detail is another one of those inherently funny simulation games that's actually in on the joke. As you've hopefully heard by now, it stars you as a determined janitor who ...

First-person mopping space guts in Viscera Cleanup Detail

Thank the gods for rubber gloves
Jul 11
It feels like it's been forever since the first-person custodial genre has gotten any love. Thankfully, this oversight is being rectified with Viscera Cleanup Detail, which is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight and ...

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