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Valkyria Chronicles  

Updated 02-13-2015
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Valkyria Chronicles

The Sweden-based digital game retailer is running an anniversary sale this week, which we covered yesterday. The deals continue today with a solid sale on Valkyria Chronicles for only $9.

This is a perfect deal for those who missed out on the $8 GMG deal from a few weeks ago, which lasted only 24 hours. Conversely, the GamersGate Valkyria Chronicle deal will last for 48 hours.

Some other choice picks include Metro Redux titles at more than half off and Warframe packs at a discount (someone well versed in Warfarme economics should chime in on the value of these packs).

Finally there are 22 Tom Clancy titles to sort through. Some of these are Uplay DRM while some are mixed legacy stuff -- so we'd double check the DRM before purchasing, just in case you get stuck with a Tagés DRM title...

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