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Valkyria Chronicles  

Updated 06-28-2012
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Valkyria Chronicles

[Getting It Right is a monthly series in which I take a look at the elements that make up a classic game. What were the key ingredients that set it apart and make it hold up to this day? Read on to find out.]

Upon its release in 2008, I felt Valkyria Chronicles would be the closest we’d ever come to having an X-Com sequel. And now, with an honest-to-goodness X-Com on the way, I wish we were getting a full-fledged Valkyria Chronicles sequel for consoles. Though both games are masterpieces in their own right, Valkyria’s world and potential continue to excite me in a way that marines battling space men doesn't.

In every aspect, Valkyria is a game that stands out within its publisher’s catalog, genre, and even medium. What other game blends action and strategy as fluidly as Valkyria? What other game has a female protagonist and antagonist, both of which are non-sexualized, well-realized characters? With a visual look that’s all its own and art direction that breathes much-needed life into the tired World War II setting, Valkyria is a game that will remain as timeless as X-Com. I just think I’d prefer to play another Valkyria is all.

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