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Unleashed UDK  

Updated 10-25-2011
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Unleashed UDK

Haven't seen that Real Steel flick yet but I know one thing that would make it better: ninjas. Also if the robots wielded huge swords and competed in a large gladitorial arena where they staved off waves of enemies. Well if you like the second idea, then a new indie title called Unleashed UDK will be right up your alley.

You take the role of a sword wielding robot as it takes on waves of enemies, similar to the horde mode in Gears of War. You've only got a single main attack but your robot has some extra abilities as well as a rune slot that give it a stats boost. After defeating each wave you can level your robot up to gain new abilities and buffs. 

The game plays like a combo of third person action and MMO combat. I found myself using the ranged Kinect cannon more and more when I got surrounded by enemies, rather than using the weak sword attacks. Still, the game is free and is available for download on PC and Mac now.

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