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Ultra Street Fighter IV  

Reviewed: 8/10: Great
( xbox360 version reviewed )

Updated 11-25-2014
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Ultra Street Fighter IV

The Misfits have a song called Demonmania (pronounced Deh-EE-Mono-Mee-Ah). In the song, Glenn Danzig clearly sings the words "Look upon me, I am a bee... My mother was a wolf... My father was a wolf." That's what it sounds like anyway. As a teen, I never understood how two wolves got together and made a bee baby. Just lucky I guess. 

Weirdly enough, the topic of bees and wolves is currently a hot-button issue with the developers of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Ryu's name is commonly thought to mean "Dragon" in Japanese, and yet, he doesn't look anything like a dragon in the game's upcoming animal-themed costume pack. Instead, he looks like a gosh darn wolf! Similarly, Cammy is dressed up as a classy, scarf-in-her-cleavage fox lady. Why isn't she wearing a killer bee costume? Isn't that what her clone friends call her? Why is she defying her clone-given nickname?

EventHubs recently got to the bottom of this mystery through a brief interview with Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano. According to Ayano, "...the meaning behind Ryu's name, when translated in English, is not 'Dragon' ... The 'Ryu' Kanji (隆) used for his name means 'to rise.' To rise to the occasion. To rise from defeat." Whoa.

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