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Ultra Street Fighter IV  

Reviewed: 8/10: Great
( xbox360 version reviewed )

Updated 01-08-2015
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Ultra Street Fighter IV

[Update: Sorry for the original mistype in the headline folks! The word "characters" has been swapped out for "content." The original wording was made in error.]

Ultra Street Fighter IV, the latest in a seemingly never-ending* deluge of Street Fighter IV updates, is coming to the PlayStation 4 with five new characters, six new stages, and all the costumes your little heart can handle, Sony revealed today via the PlayStation Blog.

We've known about this port since December when it was announced at the PlayStation Experience keynote, but this is the first we're hearing of any new content. Sadly, Gio Corsi, director of third party production at SCEA, made no specific mention of the bonus characters and stages; but they exist!

The PlayStation 4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV is currently slated for spring 2015.

*Yes, I'm aware Street Fighter V is coming. This will not stop another SF4 update.

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