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Tribes Ascend
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Tribes Ascend

Plenty of people (myself included) have been upset about Hi-Rez’s treatment of the pretty damn excellent FPS Tribes Ascend. Development was abandoned a few years ago, and ever since Smite has been the developer’s core focus.

Hi-Rez has now descended from the heavens in a shaft of golden light. With feathery wings and a harp in their hands, those angels have announced via the Tribes subreddit there is to be a patch coming to the game in the very near future.

Fittingly dubbed the Out of the Blue update, the patch makes some major updates to the game: the game’s nine classes will all be merged into just three (Light, Medium, and Heavy). The different roles each class had before will still be present in the form of loadouts for each of the new classes.

A new Capture the Flag map called Terminus is also being introduced. Some smaller changes include weapon tweaking and changes to the loadout system to reflect the bigger class shakeup. According to the creative director of Tribes, the patch notes don’t include everything being changed, as feedback throughout the test period will be taken into consideration.

The public server that tests the update will go live on September 14, while an official release will come at a later date.

Thank you, Hi-Rez. Thank you so much. I think one comment on the Reddit post can sum up feelings about this better than I ever could.

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