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Trials Fusion
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Trials Fusion

I didn't stick with Trials Fusion for very long despite generally liking the game. While the user-made tracks are reason enough to check back in, there's also this ridiculous Awesome Level Max DLC ($9.99) with a gun-wielding cat riding a unicorn in place of a motorbike. It's out today.

Besides the weird unicorn stuff, which spans eight tracks and some mini-games, the expansion includes RedLynx vs. All-Stars, a collection of "more than 20 all-new tracks." There's also "a variety of new garage items, achievements, track challenges, and objects for the track editor."

If you're totally new to Trials Fusion, Ubisoft has packaged the core game, the six DLC packs from the season pass, and this new Awesome Level Max content into one package.

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